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5th Anniversary Gift - Cocobolo - Safety Razor - Safety Razor Shaving

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The precision of a double edge safety razor achieves a baby smooth shave at the fraction of the cost of today's high priced multi-blade razors. The weight and balance of these razors makes wet shaving a truly pleasurable experience. Wet shaving is nostalgia at its finest with this wooden hand turned razor featuring the unique Cocobolo and the Parker Model Razor style head.

This razor handle is 3.5 inches long not including the blade head attachment in the measurement. The wooden razor handle is coated with an Cyanoacrylate Adhesive (Super Glue) also making the handle waterproof.

In recent years, the double edge safety razor has seen a resurgence in popularity. Double edge safety razors offer many benefits including up to 70% cost savings over cartridges, an extremely close shave and an enjoyable traditional shave experience. As well as the razor blades can be recycled unlike the cartridges.

This handcrafted razor takes double edge safety razor blades that are readily available at any drug store or grocery store as well as online like Amazon. The typical cost for a box of 100 blades is $10 compared to your favorite razor cartridge that is $35 for 10 blades.

A sample pack with five DE Safety blades is included with your purchase. It is recommended that you change the blade in a razor every 3-5 shaves.

Each Razor is packaged in a cotton muslin back for presentation just in case this is for a gift.

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